HEAD in Norway


Knowledge Transfer Project for School Design for Learning

Early year 2015 Professor Peter Barrett (University of Salford, Manchester) presented the results of his study of the impacts of school designs on pupils’ learning (the HEAD Project).  The research reveals how differences in the physical characteristics of classrooms, such as air quality, colour and light, can together increase the learning progress of primary school pupils by as much as 16% in a single year.  

On behalf of The Norwegian Counselling service on Physical Learning Environment, Peter Barrett and his team visited schools in Norway early 2016 to survey if the results from the HEAD Project can be transferred to Norwegian schools.

From the Executive summary:

“Some general observations of similarities and differences between Norwegian and English schools are noted, but a major similarity is that pupils spend the great majority of their time in one classroom and enter and leave it locally. This suggests that the dominance of the physical classroom design, over whole school level factors, found in the HEAD study can be assumed to be similar in Norway. Hence the investigation focuses at the classroom level of analysis”.

Download the report here:


Videopresentation of the HEAD Project with Professor Peter Barrett

In june 2015 Professor Peter Barrett visited Oslo to present the results of the HEAD-project. A video from the presentation in Oslo is pubished here.