Workshop: Building for Better Learning


The Netherlands has a strong “bottom-up’’culture. Schools have a great deal of autonomy in planning their educational programmes and in designing the school buildings themselves. Participation of school management, teachers, students, parents, and partners is considered a matter of course. 

Teun van Wijk is director of ICS Adviseurs in The Netherlands. He has more than 25 years of experience in planning and programming education buildings. 

Photo: From ICS workshop with students, parents and teachers in Düsseldorf (Photo: 

This takes place in an exciting but intensive “force field”: builders are eager to move things along, but the school would rather spend time discussing educational innovation, while the school management wants to achieve as much as possible within the allotted budget.

Teun likes to work in situations where many things are going to change and different stakeholders are involved. He encourages out-of-the-box thinking and looking for unique solutions. Along with his colleagueas he has developed different methods and practices that work together, stimulate futire thinking and creativity.

At the confernce Teun van Wijk will speak about how to efficiently organize participation, and will discuss which workshop methods are most suitable to this end. The audience will have the opportunity to experience and take part in one such workshop.

  Read this article in Norwegian:  Workshop: Bygg for bedre læring

ICSadviseurs, “Building for Better Learning”

60 years ago, during the Dutch baby boom, the number of schools seemed to matter much more than their quality. For that reason, school supervisors in the Netherlands joined together and founded ICS, the Innovation Center for School Building.

Their idea was that a well-defined educational vision would result in learning environments that enhanced the quality of education and the well-being of teachers, students and community. The education of children – and not the bricks - should be the starting point of the building process.

The Netherlands has made great progress in the development of learning environments for 21st-century skills. ICS (Teun van Wijk and his team) is at the forefront of this development.  ICS provides expert advice  from beginning to end of the planning/building process, which is why ICS is a multidisciplinary company, where 80 educationalists, urban planners, architects, engineers and cost specialists work closely together.

 What is Good Quality Learning Environment?      Conference Program 2017 Trondheim 24.-25. October

 Teun van Wijk Msc

  • is director of ICS in The Netherlands (80 consultants);
  • his goal is to improve the educational quality of the environment and co-create green, sustainable solutions;
  • has more than 30 years of experience in the programming and planning of innovative educational accommodation;
  • excels in challenging environments with multiple stakeholders and complex demands;
  • inspires people to think out-of-the box, to search for unique solutions which they may not have thought possible;
  • facilitates interactive sessions that engage the school community.


Workshop with Teun van Wijk, 24th october

09.00-9.35: Presentation. Organizing participation: practical tips! 
Explanation Method for participation

09:40-10:20: Workshop part I

10:40-11:15: Workshop part II, and evaluation.


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