About The Advisory service on Physical Learning Environment


The Advisory service on Physical Learning Environment was established by Norwegian goverment in 2002. The Directorate of Education and Training was later commissioned to develop the service. 

When treating the state budget for 2002, The Parliament established a government funding, so municipalities and counties would receive compensation for interest expenses related to new construction and renovation of school buildings. The scheme was terminated in 2008 but started up again in 2009, for the period 2009 - 2016.

To help ensure that the funds would be utilized in the best possible way, the government decided to establish a advisory service for physical learning environment. The Directorate of Education and Training was commissioned to develop the service. From 2012, the service expanded to include kindergarten facilities.

The Directorate of Education and Training uses external advisers to the development and operation of the service. For the period 2012-2015 and 2016-2019 Norconsult AS is engaged as an advisor. Norconsult is Norway`s largest and one of Scandinavia`s leading consulting firms on community planning and design. The firm has competent advisors in all relevant disciplines related to kindergarten and school facilities. Norconsult has been one of several responsible advisors for the service since 2004.

It is also established a reference group to ensure breadth of service. The reference group consists of representatives from The municipal sector organization (KS), the Directorate of Health, The National Parents Committee for kindergartens (FUB), The National Parents` Committee for Primary and Secondary Education (FUG), The Private kindergartens National Association (PBL) and the School Student Union of Norway.

The Advisory service on Physical Learning Environment consists of:

  • A website providing information and professional advice on the design, planning, operation and use of day care and school facilities. The website also provides information on laws and regulations, and information on relevant national and international research and development in the area. The website has a large link library and many good examples of new and rehabilitated kindergarten and school facilities from across the country.
  • An answering service where school owners, kindergarten owners or others, may ask any kind of questions on planning or maintenance of learning environment, by mail or phone to a counselor group that covers all relevant disciplines.
  • An annual national conference with themes related to learning environment. The conferences are held around the country and collects normally around 250 participants.

  • OECD. Representing Norway in OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE)


 If questions on physical learning environment, please use the contactform in the right collumn.

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