Strinda High School, Trondheim Norway


Strinda High School moved into a new school building at Tyholt in Trondheim in the autumn of 2013. Strinda High school became a brand new school that brought together students from three other high schools in Trondheim. 

School information:

Strinda VGS
Harald Bothners vei 21
7052 Trondheim, Norway

School website:

Principal: Trond Hofstad

No. of students: 1100
No. og teachers: 170

Architect: Link arkitektur as

Photo: Strinda High School, Trondheim, Norway (

How the facility meets the needs of education and communities:

The school offer vocational training progams in adolescences and health, electro and automation, food processing and culinary arts, sports and physical education and musical performance combined with several academic subjects. They have also a department for special education. The school wants to meet the local demand for specialized labour and skills, and collaborate as frequent as possible with key partners in local business and industry.

The new school is built in connection with the old Strinda High School who is a listed school. An open glass alley connects the new and the old building. It gives an impression of a coherent school building. The school has three floors with the various departments gathered around the glass valley and the school cantina at the ground floor.

The school has classrooms in two different sizes, for 15 students and for 30 students. The rooms are characterized by glass walls and transparency. Group rooms are added in connection with the classrooms. In the workshop areas, theoretical teaching is also facilitated, and the intention is to quickly switch between practical and theoretical activities. The sports hall has a full handball court size with partitions that allow the hall to be divided into three smaller units and a fourth unit as well. In addition to the sports hall there is also a well-equipped weight room that both students and staff can use.

Activity Areas:

The school's cantina is easily accessible on the first floor directly from the main entrance. On the 2nd floor the school's library and ICT service desk is located. Glass streets and corridors towards the open area are often used by the students in the breaks.
The teachers' offices and collaboration areas are decentralized and placed in connection with the areas of the education program that the teachers teach in. The sport hall was built not only for the school, but also to supply the local sport clubs and the local community with an arena for training and matches. The school has a fantastic large and beautiful outdoor area. There are large green areas close to the school. This is widely used by the educational program for sports and physical education.

 Strinda High school is located in a residential area at Tyholt in Trondheim. The school recruit students from all over the town. Trondheim’s population is approximately 190 500. 

Facility Information:

Level of education: Vocational education and academic subjects
Type of project: New building and a refurbishment of an old school building
Funding: Public
Management: Public
Type of facility: Permanent
Year of completion: 2013
Gross floor area: 18 300 m2
Client: Sør-Trøndelag County, Norway
Architect: Link arkitektur as
Project costs: NOK 480.000.000


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