Film: Acoustics for Effective Learning Spaces


Late October 2018 The Counseling service on Physical Learning Environment (Rådgivningstjenesten for fysisk læringsmiljø) invited Mai-Britt Beldam to give a lecture about acoustics at the Norwegian national conference on physical learning environment.

Acoustics for Effective Learning Spaces, - this was the title of the lecture that Mai-Britt Beldam held at the conference. Film recording and the slides from the lecture are now available. The spoken language is English.

Mai-Britt Beldam started her career in Ecophon as Local Concept Developer Educational Denmark. Today she is Central Concept Developer Healthcare at the Ecophon headquarter in Sweden. 

“For me, concept development is about market development. Fortunately, this relates to improving people’s wellbeing in places where they work, communicate, interact, rest and recover".  

Mai-Britt Beldam

Also from Norwegian national conference on physical learning environment 2018: